Top 3 Big problems for facebook

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People don’t have love because they don’t understand it.  People don’t have money because they don’t understand it.  This is the list that you need to understand before you invest in facebook.  The stock that is making all the headlines is not what you think it is.

Here are the top 3 problems with facebook:


#3 Strange bed-mates.

Could facebook be the latest pump and dump stock from the .001% wall street dirtbag mofia crime bosses?  The list of the underwriters for their stock IPO reads like a who’s who of financial bailout crime syndicate aka “The new thugs”:


Think I’m kidding?  Take anyone of these names and search in “google + fraud” and see what you find.  It is shocking.  These people are shameless and have proven they will do anything to make a buck.  Marky Z has no idea who he is messing with.

The Zuckmeister sold 47%  of his business to wall street investors who all want and expect a higher stock value in the future.    If they don’t make money or they feel there is a better option they will cut their losses and sell at a moments notice.  Why?  People like making money they HATE loosing it.




Americans are being forced to forget what was the only obvious thing we learned from the real estate crash of 2008.  Value means nothing.  Your house is not worth what the appraiser or real estate agent says.  It is only worth what someone will and can pay for it.  Not one penny more.

People are going for the bait when they start talking about valuation.  The March IPO documents said the following,

“We estimate that our net proceeds from the sale of the Class A common stock that we are offering will be approximately $5.6 billion, assuming an initial public offering price of $31.50 per share”.

Now I am seeing reports of a facebook IPO of $100 Billion!?  You don’t remember the real estate market do you?  You don’t remember the dot com bubble before that do you?

Facebook was in a good place as a private company.  Now they have sold almost half of their company to investors who want a return that looks like Apple’s or Google’s. Good luck with that.  I think people should ask why did Mark take facebook public?



 #1 The shakedown.

Its funny back when Myspace was huge people didn’t realize that the owner was criminal Rupert Murdoch yeah the guy who also owns and controls the FOXNEWS propaganda network.  If you want to know about this guy look at the WWE quality news he’s been pushing on the people over the years.  Then he got caught up tapping people’s phone calls because his reporters didn’t want to cover real stories, these guys have no shame.

Fast forward to 2012 and now you have the same situation.  The website has changed though instead of myspace its facebook.

The owner talked about his users like trash when fb was initially growing to let you know how he really feels about you and then turned on the 99% and supported CISPA.  You should understand that the young facebook owner is another gangster like Bill Gates.  He’s in with the thugs its obvious.

This is what he said, “They trust me — dumb f***s,” He’s talking about you, facebook user.  Go upload your status or do another confessional. Oh yeah you should know that Mark Z keeps 57% of the company but 43% is now in the hands of the public.  The brokers have leverage on the public as they bought the stock from them.  When facebook stock slides people will sell their stock to the open market, find other sellers and end up selling to the original brokers. Why?  Because facebook is not making enough money to cover the needs of so many thirsty investors.  They will consolodate the stock ever so slowly until they are all of a sudden in the hands a a few.  Those few will be or will be leveraged by the thug banks.





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