Meet Preet Bharara The Status Quo Pro prosecute little guys big banks NO.

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Recently Jim Cramer interviewed Preet Bharara the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

The reason why I am writting this is to let you know that the guy they are promoting as the “SHERIFF” of wall street is actually another status-quo pro.  As in PROfessional or PROtector.  Not really PROsecutor.

Preet may talk about the number of prosecutions that he has launched and his high conviction rate but it’s not about his prosecution numbers its about WHO he prosecutes.  Small firms are attacked hard while big firms still have a free pass or a force field.

Preet may have a “funny” name to you but he was appointed by another man with a funny name, Barack Hussein Obama.  So this should let you know how far his investigations will go.  Do you seriously think he will prosecute real criminals like John Corzine?

Do you think for one second that Preet will look into any of the amazing crimes that have been happening at the hands of the top banks?  Oh noooooo.  He can’t do that he can only smack around the little guys like Raj and Bernie Madoff.  These guys are less than small fries to the trillions that are being systematically fleeced by these corrupt organized banksters.

What is the difference?

Consider this.  If you add up all the money that Bernie Madoff stole from clients $36 billion was invested into the scam$18 billion was returned to investors, with $18 billion left missing.  The scam did pay off some people namely JPMorganChase who earned $1 Billion  just from his scam bank account interest and fees.  Do you think they returned the money?  Ask Preet he’ll likely tell you why they don’t have to.

Hedge-fund manager Raj Rajaratnam actually paid off his clients and didn’t cheat them he just traded on inside info, for that he was “made an example of“, convicted and sentenced to 11 years in prison.  For basically being too good at it.  Way to go Preet.

When MFGlobal was exposed as another large ponzi scheme.  Did Preet arrest anyone at MFGlobal like uber crime boss John Corzine?  Oh nooooooo.  Nothing to see here, move along folks?  People got took for THEIR money not anything they had invested this was THEIR money on DEPOSIT at MFGlobal.   When the customers came looking for THEIR money it was found that you guessed it JPMorganChase had the money and still to this day hasn’t returned it.  What did Preet do about it?

Then JPMorganChase makes more fraud news as they reported a $2Billion Dollar loss is really a $6 Billion or even bigger loss. Do you seriously believe Preet will investigate Jamie Dimon?  Even though his firm seems to continuously find it self right next to the fraud again and again.  Think I’m kidding?

Look at the latest scam to hit wall street this week, what is it? Oh the LIBOR scandal crime.  Which banks are involved from the American side?  You guessed right again, JPMorganChase.  What will Preet do to these guys?  What do you think he’ll do?  Whatever the hell his criminal boss tells him to that’s what.


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