LIE Bored? Are people tired of hearing about Bankster crimes?

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The LIBOR rate is the most important interest rate in the world.  The people who rigged and manipulated the London Interbank Offered Rate rate robbed billions from billions of people. No, that probably is Trillions of dollars they stole from the billions of people on Earth.

We know the bailout iceberg is unimaginably massive.  Who knows how much money was actually loaned out?  The point here is that these master crooks were skimming points off the top the whole time.  They figured out a way to make money no matter what happened in the market.  Well if they win who do you think loses?

These days it’s routine to hear new stories on these banksters caught again in their complex criminal pimp game.  These guys are just like any other two bit mob of thugs that the nation has seen in the past.  They travel in small circles, they speak their own languages, and they take from those who actually earn money.  Extortion is their business model.  They hate “squares” while simultaneously living off of them, like real-life insane parasites.

Recently the bought and sold media broke this story as the “LIBOR scandal”, not a CRIME when Barclay’s was fined half a billion dollars and CEO Bob Diamond quit.  Now the evidence that the system is corrupt  to the core surfaces.  The defense offered when the huge fine was paid was “every institution in their elite financial circle was doing it?”  WTF?

With so many scandals happening back to back on a ever increasing pace do you think people have just grown bored?  I hate to say it but do you think people are just glazing over about the next headline even though it’s even more outrages than the last?

I was still trying to get over the tons of crap that Jamie Dimon was selling congress when he testified a few weeks ago over loosing billions then I’m interrupted with news of another Diamond caught stealing too.   I think Robert Scheer put it best in his article on truthdig:

“behind the world’s financial edifice lies a reeking cesspool of unprecedented corruption. The modern-day robber barons pillage with a destructive abandon totally unfettered by law or conscience and on a scale that is almost impossible to comprehend.”


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