JP Morgan Chase loses $2 Billion Stock Slide Looses Billions more

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Jaime man is in trouble and there is only one way to get him out.  What do you think a man addicted to 0.% interest rate loans will do?  What can you call a man like Jamie Dimon?  This guy is a classic that’s the best way I can put it.  If you want to watch some comedy pay attention to this guy’s performance over the coming months.  Talk about entertaining.

Funny man ceddy-b aka Cedric the entertainer better watch out.  Did you hear about this dude on the conference call?  When asked how did you loose all that money when you just told us a few weeks ago that everything was mui bien?  This clown actually said, well we are stupid that doesn’t mean everyone else is.

Honestly this was the most accurate thing this guy has said in years.  The only thing he has done other than that is loose money and get bailed out by drowning tax payers.  What balls these banker guys have it’s truly epic.  The bad thing for him is that he is right we are not stupid only he is. To actually believe the stuff this guy says is the definition of lunacy.

Since this latest JPM terd stain started streaking across the news the stock is down big.  People are not very in to the Chase thing right now.  Will they return?

What do you think their odds are of recovering?  Well lets look at that, the good news is their stock is up almost 7% year to date.  The bad news, their stock price has lost 32% in the last five years, its down 17% in the last 12 months, and 18% in the last month.

In the last five days the stock has lost over 12%.   What will a guy like Jamie do to recover?  Will he get a chance?  Maybe he will get fired.  Well the chances of that are very low because Jamie man is also the chairman of the board at Chase so he is the boss and his supervisor.

This means his demise can only come from his own actions.  I don’t mean he will commit suicide it will be more like homicide because he will do anything possible to avoid going down with the ship.  This guy is a work of art.  Watch what happens next  how will Chase make up for the billions lost?  What magic will they use to move what toxic assets off their balance sheet?

Facebook.  Yeah well you can expect they will try to get as much of this deal as they can.  Reports have facebook IPO at twelve times their annual earnings or about 12 billion dollars.  With Chase involved on the IPO expect this number to hit the moon but this will be to the demise of Facebook who can only muster a meager 1 billion dollars in earnings per year.  How are they going to return 12 billion dollars plus in value to IPO buyers?


Check out his performance this guy was born for broadway:

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