HSBC caught laundering drug money. How many people have and will go to jail?

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It may seem like David Bagley is doing the right thing when he announced he would resign from HSBC during the Senate hearing earlier today.  David had been HSBC’s chief compliance officer during the same time these amazing crimes were taking place at one of the top banks in the world.  HSBC says they are one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world.

So, when they say they are BIG they must mean FAT and over bloated with corruption, the obese kind of big.  Kinda like a NFL linebacker can be 6 foot 5 and weight 250 pounds and be all muscle compared to your cousin who is 250 pounds off eating Twinkies all day and can barely walk up stairs without passing out.  They are your fat disgusting cousin.

What is really going on at these trusted institutions other than straight out hard core organized crime?  How difficult is it to see when every single week a new batch of stories comes out like a bunch of bats flying out of batman’s cave or something.

My question is to consider how many people have been arrested, tried, found guilty, and incarcerated for these same crimes?  Has anyone even stopped for a second to consider this fact?  Do you know how many people are in jail in the United States on Drug related charges?

The culture we live in is inundated with messages of “baller” rappers and their lifestyle of selling cocaine which entices others to follow their lead.  What ends up happening to them though is far from the scenes depicted on the videos.  These guys are typically locked away for decades even for very small amounts of drugs.  None of which would ever be in the country if it was not for BANKSTERS and their drug money laundering services.

So now the new theme is to resign if you get caught.  No, that is not what should be happening, these guys should be turning themselves over to the authorities and facing serious jail time.  Why isn’t this happening? Ask Eric Holder he is the guy that’s supposed to be leading the prosecution but he can’t right now because he is too busy with his own corruption crime charges.  You see he was caught doing the exact same thing.

What can be done to save this country?  Who will arrest the criminals when everyone is corrupted?


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