HOW MUCH ARE WE WORTH? QE Infinity not enough Bankers Demand QEternity

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How much money are Americans actually worth?  Seriously how much?  Somebody call an appraiser.

Based on what the Federal Reserve and the Banksters have been doing recently Americans must be worth an unlimited amount of money.

My question is how come only the bankers get to unlock this equity?  Why is it only they can open a credit line against American productivity but Americans themselves can’t?

If you own a home with no mortgage and your home is worth $100k then you have some valuable equity in your property.  You could then take out a loan against your property and borrow all the way up to the limit of the value of your home, $100k.  If you have spotless credit banks would likely loan you to 80% or maybe 90% of the value of your home.  This is called the LOAN to VALUE ratio, they like to keep it as low as possible in case you don’t pay they will foreclose on your house and sell it for a profit.

It’s understood however that your home has a finite value and you can’t just borrow an unlimited amount against the same property.  Example you can’t borrow $500k against a home only worth $100k.

With that said how is it that these bankers get to do this exact thing to the American people?

The U.S. debt clock shows that each American citizen’s share of the $16 Trillion dollar debt is over $181,000.  Compare this to the fact that the average American HOUSEHOLD income fell to only about $50,000 and that’s for the whole HOUSEHOLD.

This means these banksters are borrowing almost six times the amount the average American earns.  Individual Americans who actually have a job are making on average ABOUT $30k/year each.  The banks have already borrowed $181k for each person this year and that number is still growing.  That’s $6 dollars in loans for every $1 dollar earned AND THEY WANT MORE, MORE, MORE.

These bankers are getting the money in their hand TODAY borrowed against the productivity that these American households are supposed to produce TOMORROW.  People have it wrong saying its against the kids future, nope its against you.  They are borrowing YOUR MONEY they will borrow your KIDS MONEY TOO.

How big a difference in your life would it make if you could get your hands on an additional $250k to invest in your business or repair your home?  What if you could get an unlimited amount of money advanced to you this year?  If the loan is made using you as the collateral and ultimately has to be paid by you why shouldn’t the funds go to you?


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