How Banksters get out of Jail Free

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Another day another bankster escapes criminal charges and prosecution.  Have you heard the latest news that Goldman Sachs yet again will not face a long prison sentence.

The United States justice department has aparently found no wrong doing in the firm regardless of the amazing stories of outright fraud that have rained on newspaper headlines for months.

How do you think they do it?  How do banksters get to such a high level that they are in fact above the law?

There are 3 main techniques the top banksters in the world repeatedly use to avoid prosecution:

1.  Campaign Contributions.

Bribe is the best word to describe what campaign contributions are really all about.   Goldman Sachs pays who knows how much money to the Republicans AND Democrats to ensure they never face prosecution.  It’s really a simple deal for them.  They basically buy a license to steal.  Who is going to prosecute them?  The guy that would be leading the investigation Eric Holder is under the thumb of Obama who is in the pocket of wall street.  Who was Obama’s biggest campaign contributor in 2008?  Somehow it was the university of California but second was you guessed it Goldman Sachs.  How could it be legal that a tax-payer funded state university contributes over a million dollars to a presidential candidate?  This comes at the same time the State of California is in a budget crisis and has cities facing bankruptcy all over the state.


2.  Cross Contamination:

The next level of protection that the banksters have from prosecution is cross contamination.  That means they contaminate those who should be OVERSEEING or REGULATING their operation.  Instead of calling the crooks out regulators just get paid off too in cash or other incintives to make sure they never rat out their bankster thug masters.


3.  Old school Gangsterism: 

When the payoffs don’t work and the money won’t get these banking crooks what they want they resort to regular gangsterism.  That’s were they try to intimidate and stain the reputation of those who blow the whistle on their outright costra-nostra ways.  Ask GREG SMITH he was a top executive with Goldman Sachs before he got tired of stealing money from clients and calling it profit while clowning the clients as “Muppets”.  Banksters will try to bring down anyone who tries to stand up against them this is what bullies do, this is also how bullies lose in the end.

What can be done with a financial system that protect those who are motivated to rob and harm as many people as possible?


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