Barclays CEO: We lie for money.

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How far will these people take it?  How far will they go with the endless lies and lies and schemes and acronyms and facilities and blah blah blah blah blah blah.  You’re caught why don’t you just realize it and turn your self in?

Every week you see another report after another of bankster fraud and corruption.  This week its Barclays CEO Bob Diamond.  He admits that he purposely modified the numbers and misrepresented the performance of his company in order to deceive the public.  During the financial crisis it was surprising to see Barclays to appear to be in good financial standing.   However all it took was Bob Diamond to tell a few lies and he got paid, huge.

What type of system do we have where trillions of dollars are thrown around to these dirt bag banksters continually?  They walk around with the best suits, and the most expensive jewelry and shoes but in reality they are worth less than zero.  They are actually causing companies to have a negative net value where they owe more money than the value of all their assets combined.  This is why they have to hide stuff so this basic fact is not known.  Remember Enron they tried this before how did that work out?

So what happens to the guy that told the lie that is the fraud?  Well, the company he worked for Barclays was fined $453 million dollars, but Bob Diamond personally has received no penalty.  He says that he will waive his “bonus” but can you believe a known liar?  To make matters worse it has been reported that Barclays received billions of dollars in taxpayer bailouts–after he lied.

Its ironic to see Peter Madoff in the news at the same time to remind you of what will happen if you or I try something like this.  Peter Madoff got ten years.  Who do you have to know in order to get a free pass on fraud and crime like Bob Diamond?  What is the difference between the Madoff”s and these bankster clowns?  What do you think?


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  1. G Papalouca says:

    I think the main reason why he has not been fined as an individual is because they cannot really quantify his involvement in the rate fixing scandal. Even during his hearing in front of the Treasury Select Comittee he was very evasive in answering questions. Still not known is the other banks involvment in the LIBOR scandal.
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    • says:

      Interesting Points. These guys are a new class of criminal.
      How can it work where the bank has to pay half a billion but he keeps a $30M bonus and says he will fight for it? #Elephantballs

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